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Can Legal Marijuana Help With New England’s Opioid Crisis?

Legislative forces across many of the New England states are making it a priority to deal with drug-related issues in the 2017 session. Some of these folks are trying to solve the area’s opioid problem, while others are simply pushing for marijuana reform. But are the two connected?

Looks Like Connecticut May Have Recreational Marijuana By 2018

Connecticut's Pro Tempore Martin Looney introduced legislation that allows adults to purchase recreational marijuana in the same way they do with beer.

DC Lawmaker: Defy Congress And Legalize Retail Marijuana Sales

Despite the fact that Congress has taken it upon itself to ensure that DC cannot establish a retail marijuana market, one local lawmaker wants to go for it.

Will Texas Legalize Marijuana In 2017? 11 Bills Are Working Toward Yes

Marijuana legalization is expected to be the mostly widely discussed issue of the 85th Texas...

Florida Will Have Cool And Comfortable Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The idea is to make patients feel comfortable buying medical marijuana, to make a mother with a sick child or a sick parent – or herself, who is dealing with an ailment.

Did You Know: N. America Spent $6.7 Billion in 2016 On Legal Marijuana?

The whole of North America’s legal marijuana trade generated an impressive $6.7 billion in sales last year, according to a recent analysis by industry consulting firm ArcView Group.

Marijuana Industry Experts “Cautiously Optimistic” About Trump Admin

A recent survey finds that most believe that Trump will continue to allow the cannabis industry to function as it has done freely under the direction of President Obama.

Free Marijuana To Be Given Out At Trump Inauguration

In an effort to push President-elect Donald Trump and his anti-pot staffers to give some serious consideration to the nationwide legalization of marijuana, one tenacious advocacy group hailing from District of Columbia plans to distribute free weed on Inauguration Day.

Five States Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana in 2017

The outcome of the marijuana legalization movement over the past 12 months will undoubtedly go down in history as the time when prohibition was given its terminal diagnosis and the reality of nationwide reform illuminated on the horizon of a brand New Year.

Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal In Florida: What You Need To Know

The new law took effect across the state, providing patients with a variety of serious health conditions access to medical marijuana.