Samantha Cole

Sam is a writer based in Brooklyn, frequently found carving a path up and down the East Coast. Before joining The Fresh Toast's founding editorial crew, Sam learned to appreciate the wackiness of local news as a reporter for Virginia's Daily News-Record. After moving to New York to pursue a career in digital journalism, Sam has been a business culture writer for Fast Company and social media editor for PSFK. When she’s not writing about pole-dance parades or how to achieve Danksgiving greatness, you can find her writing in various science, technology and culture outlets, including Van Winkle's, Popular Science and Motherboard at Vice.

Author’s recent posts:

Komodo Dragon Blood Could Be The Antibiotic Of The Future 

Literal dragon blood is helping scientists find new ways to develop antibiotics, according to a new study.

If You Stole This Lady’s Placenta From The Fridge, Please Just Return It

Look. We’re not about to snitch on someone who desperately needed to placate their midnight craving for human placenta. This is a safe space.

Why Is California Deporting People For Using Marijuana?

Recreational and medical marijuana is legal in California, but it’s still a Schedule 1 drug in the eyes of federal law, this means that immigrants are at a higher risk of being deported because of marijuana use.

These Little Kids Learned To Drive Online, Immediately Hit Up The McDonald’s 

You’re eight years old, you’ve just watched hours of driving instruction videos on YouTube, and you’ve got’ car keys. What do you do? McDonalds!

Miracle Plant: Can Medical Marijuana Heal Wounds?

Marijuana-infused topical creams and lotions are useful for many things, but could they also help heal serious wounds? Science says yes.

Fitness Pro-Tip: Should You Work Out On An Empty Stomach?

When working out first thing in the morning does it make more sense to do so on an empty stomach or is it more healthy to fuel up first?

Would You Pass This Woman’s Pen-And-Paper Dating Test? 

In this, our glorious future, many single people opt for a dating test run by algorithms to find their perfect match. What about a meta one?

This Bill Could Make California A Marijuana Sanctuary State

California legislators are proposing a bill, called Assembly Bill 1578, to essentially keep the state’s control over marijuana law enforcement.

Is Crowdfunding A $15,000 Engagement Ring The Death Of Romance? 

If you found out that the love of your life is secretly crowdfunding a $15,000 engagement ring for you, would you be flattered or absolutely mortified?

This 19-Year-Old Was Kicked Off A Lung Transplant List Because He Had THC In His System

When Riley Hancey fell extremely ill he and his family couldn't have guessed that a casual smoke sesh would nearly cost him a lung transplant and his life.