Why Russell Westbrook And Taylor Swift Love Each Other

You wouldn’t think Taylor Swift and Russell Westbrook hold much in common. She sings catchy pop songs, he dunks basketballs.

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The Internet Is Really, Really Happy The Knicks Fired Phil Jackson

As an employee of any sports franchise, the job you're doing is constantly under scrutiny. For example, if you’re Phil Jackson.

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Rihanna’s Newest Shoe Collection Is “So Stoned” And Wonderful

Rihanna is our preeminent celebrity smoker leading the way in normalization of cannabis. She has also endorsed cannabis luxury brands like ASCHE Industries.

Facebook Update: Mark Zuckerberg Just Learned What A Truck Stop Is

Mark Zuckerberg is traveling through all 50 states as an effort to learn and listen to various folks about their lives and worries over the future.

This Kentucky Town Voted A Dog As Mayor For The Fourth Year

Only in small towns would you find a story like this. The Kentucky town of...

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Lance Herbstrong Releases “Ripped” Featuring Big Daddy Kane

We love the new time-travel film 'Ripped,' and the movie also showcases the popular mashup act Lance Herbstrong.