Here Are 6 Of The Richest Animal Celebs In The US

Saying that these animal celebrities are amazing is redundant, like saying that water is wet. These pets are not only amazing, the are making BANK.

BMW Found 6 Months After Bad Friend Forgot Where He Parked It

Imagine that your friend parks your BMW, attends the show, and then can’t remember where he parked and the car….for six months.

Watch: This Nihilist Penguin Was All Of Us In 2016

Werner Herzog feels strongly about a lot of things. Television commercials. Hacking into Google. And penguins, apparently.

Snakes Eating Snakes: It’s A Thing And We Have Video

If you plan on visiting Australia see this video of some intense visual evidence that snakes can and will eat anything—even another snake.

Mom Gives Daughter A Gift That She Swears Isn’t A Sex Toy

It was almost a very merry Christmas, until 18-year-old Shelby Donavan realized her gift was less fun, more function.

Minimum Wage: This Hot Topic Cashier Deserves A Medal For Most Chill

If you’re working as a cashier at Hot Topic, it’s safe to expect some weirdness to come your way. Angsty teenagers looking for a new dragon-themed tongue ring or red contact lenses? But sometimes it gets weird.

Super Scientific Report Proves That 2016 Was ‘The Worst Year Ever’

A sobering report came out of the "scientific community" this week as a recent study confirmed that 2016 was in fact the worst year ever.

5 Videos Of Babies and Puppies Being Jealous That Will Make Your Day

Jealousy is normally a shitty feeling, whether you’re the one who’s feeling it or whether it’s directed at you. It reminds us that we’re not as great as we think we are and that sometimes we can be assholes. In short, it’s not cool.

Ice Canyons In Greenland? Learn More In 2017 With @DiscoverAndKnow

There are some accounts that make Twitter worthwhile, like @DiscoverAndKnow, which offers its followers a very succinct bit of knowledge with every tweet.

2016 Shellshock? These 5 Tiny Pups In Warm Baths Will Make It Better

With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of short videos that you can sneak in at any time during the day, showing puppies during their bathtime because that is maximum cute.