Better Than Nutella: Homemade Chocolate Nut Spread With Marijuana

I never tried Nutella until my late childhood. Nothing is better than the chocolate nut spread...unless you add marijuana!

Lucky Day: St. Paddy’s Day O’riginal Glazed Green Doughnuts At Krispy Kreme

Because nothing tastes better than artificial green coloring on St. Patrick's Day, Krispy Kreme is turning their glazed doughnuts emerald for the occasion.

Get Happy-Go-Lucky With This Cannabis Infused Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread gets busy from using regular old baking soda. Soda driven bakes are known as quick breads, and are more simple to put together than yeast breads.

Happy Birthday, Microwave! Here’s How To Make Sure Your Food Doesn’t Explode In Them

Who knew that in 2016 we'd still be learning how to use the microwave, which was first sold in 1946? But here we are. And here we go.

I See You: The Instagram Account That Proves There’s A Face In Everything

We've all seen faces in inanimate objects — expressions that bring to life everything from kitchen appliances to food, animals and garbage dumpsters.

Planet Hopping: Budweiser Wants To Brew The First Beer On Mars

Budweiser believes there is a significant black hole of alcohol in space, and is furiously working to brew the Red Planet's first beer.

Dairy Queen Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring

Because somehow spring has become synonymous with ice cream giveaways, Dairy Queen is shelling out free soft serve on March 20 in honor of spring's arrival.

Marijuana Recipe: Cannabis-Infused French Toast

French toast is an excellent way to clear out the fridge. What's better that regular french toast? This cannabis-infused french toast.

Woman Claims Restaurant Refused to Put Pineapple on Her Pizza, Taped $5 Bill in Delivery Box as Refund

Weeks after the president of Iceland started an international crisis by saying he wanted to...

Get To Know Your Dough With These Mini Cannabis Pizzas

In NYC, pizza is just a part of life. What's better than pizza? These mini cannabis pizzas! What's even better than that? These pizzas are easy to make.