TFT Pro-Tips: 7 Ways To Shovel Snow Without Dying

You must go shovel snow from your walk (maybe you can smoke a little first). Here’s how to do so without severely injuring yourself or dying.

Panty Party: The Video Game Where You Are The Underwear

While playing Panty Party, you embody a living underwear that tries to save the world by fighting a powerful forces intent on no good.

Sour Kush: Two Tons of Marijuana Disguised As Limes Confiscated

Last month, US Customs found 3,947 pounds of marijuana disguised as limes hidden in a truck filled with the sour fruit. Thoughts?

Man Tries To Steal $7 Billion Because Jesus Wanted Him To

A Florida man accused trying to steal $7 billion from a bank because Jesus Christ wanted him to have the money, WFTV reports.

Woman Describes Having Sex With Man Who Has a Bionic Penis

Earlier this year we brought you the story of a man with a bionic penis. If you were wondering what having sex with such a man would be like, now we know,

Woman Filmed Herself Performing Oral Sex on Mystery Man in Florida Courthouse

With all the attention given to Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, it’s important...

The Week in Hot Messes: Illegal Sex in Bed Bath & Beyond, Snakes in Ears, and a 19-Inch Penis

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Woman Calls The Cops To Report That Her Marijuana Is Too Expensive

The cops wanna know: Is your marijuana dealer ripping you off? Australia’s police posted a hilarious plea to emergency services on their Facebook page.

Young Boy Who Ate Gross Donut Will Get $50,000 From Dunkin Donuts

Five and a half years ago, a 7-year-old boy ate a “foul-smelling” donut at a Dunkin Donuts in Fairmount, NY, and his family eventually filed a lawsuit.

Jogger Stopped At Microsoft After Cops Spot ‘Nude Buttocks Illuminated’

A man was spotted jogging at three AM wearing only a pair of black sketchers. Officers saw “seeing nude buttocks illuminated by a streetlight."