Study: Did You Know That Marijuana Can Increase Bone Health?

A study from the summer of 2015 has provided some of the clearest evidence so far that the cannabinoid CBD “significantly” helps increase bone health.

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Arthritis, the inflammation of joints, causes stiffness and pain for the three million Americans suffering...

ALS: Science Has Proven That Medical Marijuana Can Help

In practical terms, that means cannabis helps manage ALS pain, improves breathing, sleep, and appetite, and reduces drooling.

Crohn’s and Cannabis: How THC Can Help Ease Symptoms

A group of eleven subjects with Crohn’s that had resisted conventional treatment smoked two joints a day for eight weeks.

Cannabis And Infertility: The Connection And What You Need To Know

Cannabis And Infertility: Mouse-tissue studies show that THC inhibits ovulation and egg production. What does that mean if you're trying to get pregnant?

Let’s Talk About The “New” Syndrome In Which Weed Users Can’t Stop Puking

Cannabinoid hypermesis syndrome, according to researchers in Colorado, can trigger stomach pain and nausea in a small number of patients. For reasons that are still unclear, the symptoms can only be eased by hot baths or long hot showers.

Can Medical Marijuana Help Fight Osteoporosis And Make Bones Strong?

Our bones are are in a perpetual state of being refurbished, like an aging European city. Can cannabis fight osteoporosis and help keep your city strong?

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Cannabis is, in fact, the most-widely used illicit drug among people who suffer from depression. How does weed relieve depression?

Can Marijuana Wean Pain Patients From Their Reliance On Opioids?

In the realm of pain management, one of the more promising branches of medical marijuana, that point of comparison are the opioids, a vast family of narcotics that range from the venerable morphine and codeine to more exotic pharmaceuticals, such as OxyContin, Percocet, Norco, and fentanyl

5 Facts About Medical Marijuana Glaucoma Treatment

Medical marijuana glaucoma treatment can help reduced eye pressure and relieve pain. Here's what you need to know about using cannabis for eye health.