Canadian Man Punches Cougar In The Face To Rescue Dog Near Tim Horton’s

A very Canadian tale.

Tim Horton’s
Photo by JakeWilliamHeckey via Pixabay

Last month, video emerged of a courageous Australian man punching a kangaroo in the face to rescue a dog being held in a headlock by the ‘roo. Now, in the most Canadian story of all time, a man has reportedly punched a cougar in the face to rescue his dog, which was pinned to the ground near a Tim Horton’s in Alberta.

The Bangor Daily News reports that William Gibb was driving with his 80-pound female husky, Sasha, through central Alberta Wednesday evening when he decided to stop at a Tim Horton’s—a popular Canadian donut and coffee chain—for a snack and to let Sasha take a little walk.

A few minutes later, Gibb says he heard a whimpering and spotted Sasha being pinned to the ground by a cougar. So he did what any God-fearing, Tim Horton’s-loving Canadian dog owner would do—he ran up and belted the big-ass cat right in the face.

“I could see something wrapped around her and wasn’t sure what it was. I ran over and punched it in what I thought was the head, and it backed off and I realized it was a cougar,” Gibb told Reuters. “I stepped over Sasha and charged at it swinging and screaming and calling for my brother and buddy to give a hand.”

Eventually, Gibb got Sasha into his truck and drove her to a vet. Both he and Sasha escaped with only minor injuries. No word on what happened to his Tim Horton’s order.