Marijuana Withdrawal: What To Expect When You Suddenly Stop Consuming

Clinicians have documented some 40 symptoms associated with marijuana withdrawal—from aggression to diarrhea to runny nose to excessive yawning.

Can Marijuana Help Alcoholics Stop Drinking For Good?

Could cannabis be a helping hand to alcoholics? Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive drug in the United States and it looks like marijuana can help.

Science: Here’s Proof That Marijuana Can Help Battle Opioid Addiction

Cannabidiol reduces heroin cravings more than a week after abstinence, and seems to restore some of the neurobiological damage induced by opioid use.

Why Blunts Are Bad For You: It’s Not About The Weed

Cannabis can be mildly addictive; tobacco is super addictive. What happens when you put them together? You get a combo that’s extra-super addictive.

Marijuana Can Help: $1 Billion To Combat America’s Opioid Problem

Studies have revealed a less expensive treatment readily available: marijuana.
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In a groundbreaking article released on Monday, one of the nation’s leading medical journals suggests...