Science: Here’s Proof That Marijuana Can Help Battle Opioid Addiction

Cannabidiol reduces heroin cravings more than a week after abstinence, and seems to restore some of the neurobiological damage induced by opioid use.

Marijuana Withdrawal: Is It A Thing And Should I Be Worried?

Clinicians have documented some 40 symptoms associated with marijuana withdrawal—from aggression to diarrhea to runny nose to excessive yawning.

Why Blunts Are Bad For You: It’s Not About The Weed

Cannabis can be mildly addictive; tobacco is super addictive. What happens when you put them together? You get a combo that’s extra-super addictive.

Marijuana Can Help: $1 Billion To Combat America’s Opioid Problem

Studies have revealed a less expensive treatment readily available: marijuana.
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It Possible To Be Physically Addicted To Marijuana?

Much of the discussion of cannabis addiction falls under the purview of psychology, where self-reported...

Find Out How Cannabis Can Treat Opioid Addiction And Mental Health

Feeling a bit anxious and stressed these days? Read this. Researchers in Canada and the...

Opioids Out, Cannabis In, Top Medical Research Journal Says

In a groundbreaking article released on Monday, one of the nation’s leading medical journals suggests...