Exactly How Does Marijuana Make You Feel Happy?

After you enjoy a marijuana session, do you experience a bout of unrestrainable giggling? But how does marijuana make you feel happy?

Can Medical Marijuana Help My Stress-Induced Depression?

Pressure, it pushes down on me, pushes down on you. Stress works its mischief by...

Here’s The Science: How Marijuana Effects Depression

Cannabis is, in fact, the most-widely used illicit drug among people who suffer from depression. How does weed relieve depression?

Suffering From Chronic Stress? Marijuana Can Help With That

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Holidays Got You Down? A Look At Cannabis And Depression

Now that we have passed thru a very divisive election, we can think about other...
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Cannabis Might Help Reduce Depression Caused By Chronic Stress

Depression can come in many forms: seasonal, postpartum, premenstrual and the list goes on. The...