Tuesday, August 9, 2022

New Interactive Netflix Series Lets You Choose The Fate Of Bear Grylls

After the success of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, Netflix is taking the “choose your own adventure” storytelling style to new levels, by literally making you choose the fate of crazy person Bear Grylls.

“You vs Wild” is Netflix’s new interactive series, which makes viewers follow Grylls as he explores nature and gets involved in tons of dangerous stuff. Classic.

The show is described as an unscripted outdoor survival show, where you’ll see Grylls travel through snow, sand, forests and all sorts of dangerous locations. You, as the viewer, will have to make decisions for Grylls, selecting how he’ll overcome specific obstacles and scenarios. You’re properly trained for this, right?

The show premieres April 10 with eight interactive episodes.

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“You vs Wild” is the first show of its kind, cementing Netflix’s investment in this kind of storytelling that’s a sort of a midpoint between video games and TV shows. Although “Bandersnatch” was praised for its creativity, a lot of critics couldn’t get completely behind the “choose your own adventure” style, claiming that it works best for a video game or a novel than a scripted story.

Bear Grylls’ has made a career out of this type of content, which has been very successful all over the world. Netflix’s new format could act as a functional vehicle for something that’s exciting and that doesn’t demand much cohesiveness when it comes to story. One thing’s for sure: no matter the reviews of “You vs Wild”, no other network or streaming site is doing what Netflix is doing.


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