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What To Do If You Love Weed But Your Partner Doesn’t

Dating someone who doesn’t share your opinions on cannabis can be complicated. Here’s how to navigate the situation.

We’re all different people, which is what makes dating so fun and complicated. While surrounding yourself with people who share similar beliefs is great and validating, it’s also important to spend time with someone who may share your views on the important stuff, but also provide different opinions and arguments that you might be blind to.

An aspect that can be challenging for any relationship is having differing opinions on major lifestyle choices. Marijuana is one of these hot button subjects, especially if you or the person you’re dating has strong opinions on the matter.

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Here’s what you can do if you like to smoke weed and the person you’re dating doesn’t:

Respect their opinions

While it’d be great if you guys could smoke a joint together and go out for a delicious and hilarious meal, if the person you’re dating doesn’t want to smoke, you can’t force them. You may want to explain your point of view and list out the reasons why you enjoy it, but, at the end of the day they will do what they want to do. You get more points for respecting their space and their decisions than by trying to prove that you’re right.

Stand your ground

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At the same time, it’s equally important to stand your ground and not hide who you are because the person you’re dating thinks differently. This advice is not only limited to marijuana, since it’s important to hold on to your individuality whenever you’re entering a new relationship. Find some middle ground and moments where you can enjoy your habit without disturbing your partner’s day to day life.


Compromise can appear in many ways, by either consuming on days when you’re apart, trying out non-intoxicating strains or indulging on special occasions and having your partner understand why you’re doing it. If the smoke is the issue, there are plenty of other less invasive options to choose from. The most important part here is to communicate.


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