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5 Secrets From Disneyland’s Holiday Decorator

Cathy Carson is a holiday decorator for Disneyland. She talks about what it takes to be a theme park decker of halls. And it sounds exhausting. 

Science: Christmas Music May Be Bad For Your Health

"Winter Wonderland" and "Jingle Bells"? Not so fast. Too much of a good ting can spark a mental breakdown at a time when you're already over-stressed.

People Think Meghan Markle Is Having Twins And Here’s Why

Meghan Markle isn't due until spring and already, people are gossiping about her offspring. Mainly, they suspect she's having twins because of a photo that surfaced Tuesday night.

That Time Duchess Kate Stopped At A Random Pub To Use The Toilet

When you're a mum and your little girl has to use the potty, you find the closest one possible. In the case of Kate Middleton, it was the toilet at The Phoenix pub in south London. 

10 Most Tweeted About Celebs Of 2018

Social media trends are a pretty accurate temperature of pop culture. And in 2018, as Twitter details, the most tweeted celebs certainly seem like a spot-on reflection of our obsessions. 

9 Unusual Pets Dressed In Their Best Holiday Outfits

From hedgehogs, rats and rabbits to snakes, ducks and hairless cats, these unique pets are dressed in their Christmas best, whether they want to be or not.

This Is The Absolute Best Time To Swipe On Tinder If You Want More Dates

Most likely to do the "Monday Blues" and the reality that you just spent another weekend alone. Or worse yet, with a total loser.

Here’s The Number One Reason Not To Skip Your Office Holiday Party

They may be groan-inducing, but here's how going to your office holiday party can really pay off for you.

Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life By Committing This Common Dating Sin?

With a myriad of online dating sites to lean on, the possibilities of finding the "right" partner has never been more attainable. It's this very same reasoning that could be locking you out of your true love fantasy.

Male Birth Control Gel Might Be A Thing

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is experimenting with a gel that could be the new preferred male contraception. It's absorbed through the skin and is completely non-invasive.