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Battle For California Cannabis Access Is Roadmap For States Considering Legalization

While local control serves a legitimate purpose for protecting communities, lack of access to cannabis will really only serve to harm communities where the unregulated and unscrupulous black market rages on.

Cannabis 101: How To Manage Your Marijuana High

No matter how you like to consume cannabis, this information should help you avoid overconsumption and elevate your experience.

Instagram Is Considering Hiding The ‘Like’ Count

The popular feature has become a source of stress for many users, which has motivated Instagram to consider hiding the like count from everyone except the person who created the post.

The Crazy Effect Coffee Has On Doughnuts Will Surprise You

Dunking doughnuts into hot coffee is not just a textural and sensory wonderland. Science now says the two actually counteract each other.

Someone Seriously Created A Bitmoji Bible

The Bitmoji Bible, developed by Daniel Eckler, is a series of Bitmoji icons that illustrate some of the Bible's most famous stories, like David and Goliath, Adam and Eve, and Jesus crawling through the floor on his search for coffee.

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Watch The Promo: ‘Martha And Snoop’s Dinner Party’

If this doesn't make you want to whip up some brownies and pop some corks, nothing will. VHI has released the promo for its new show "Martha & Snoop's Dinner Party," where the two host a new batch of celebrities each...

International Love: 9 Instagram-Worthy Snacks We Need In America

You'd think that the country that invented Mac n' Cheetos would have the best snacks. And you'd be partly right. We have some very good snacks here in the U.S.A. But some other countries around the world...

Which Netflix Cooking Show Should You Binge On?

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