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You’re Probably Passing Down Personality Traits To Your Cat

Researchers from the U.K. found a correlation between the purr-sonalities of cats and their human friends.

The Queen May Bestow This Rare Honor Upon Meghan Markle

For many pregnant women, being in your final trimester is a time to put up your feet and take it easy. And the Queen agrees.

WATCH: Fat Rat Gets Unstuck From A Manhole Cover

A chubby rat had to be rescued by a team of firefighters because it was too fat to escape its sewer home through a manhole cover.

Study: This 15 Minute Trick Can Help You Lose Weight

A new study suggests that keeping a food journal may be just the trick to trimming your bod.  And it can be done in a matter of minutes.

Does This Video Prove Meghan Markle Is Having A Baby Girl?

Considering royal watchers were able to correctly predict Meghan Markle was pregnant before she announced it, eagle eyed fans are now convinced the Duchess is having a baby girl.

Here’s Why You Rarely See Kate Middleton Take Off Her Coat

The Duchess of Cambridge is equally known for her elegant gowns as she is for her high-fashion coats — mainly because she's always covered up in them. What's the deal? 

PHOTOS: This Corgi Was Photoshopped Into Famous Movie Posters And They’re Better Than The Originals

A three-year-old corgi names Maxine has gone viral for being too cute. Her humans photoshopped her into some of their favorite movie posters and it's ridiculously adorable.

This Tourist Attraction May Install ‘Phone Seats’ Amid Rise Of Selfie Deaths

An Irish politician has called for the "implementation of special seating units at certain high-up sites to prevent accidents and boost tourism."

Tiny 20 Seat Restaurant With $60 Tasting Menu Is Named World’s Best

Wolfgat, an unassuming seaside eatery located on the West Coast of South Africa, was recently awarded the title for it's stunning location and indigenous cuisine.

Oprah’s Sleep Doctor Advises Not To Do This Before Bed

Contrary to what you may have heard, your sleep routine starts way before you turn off the lights and set your alarm. Dr. Breus says we all need "wind down" time before our heads hit the pillow.