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Only 5 Percent Of People Can Spot The Hidden Cat In This Video

It's no secret cats rule the world and, as this video will attest, they will only be found when they want to.

Epic FB Thread Proves Oregonians Are Terrified Of Pumping Their Own Gas

Some people in Oregon are not happy that they must now join 49 other states (get with it, New Jersey) in being allowed to pump their own gas.

Puppy Pilates Is A New Workout Trend The World Desperately Needs

A fitness studio in North Carolina, had the brilliant idea to use puppies in their Pilates class. Because who doesn't love puppies?

Google Just Made It Easier To Find Out How Much Your Job Is Worth

Google recently debuted a branch of their job search engine that allows you to not only see pay ranges for job postings, but it likely provides salary information regarding your current job.

The Annual Salary For The Queen’s Chef Is Royally Disappointing

As it turns out, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II doesn't pay her cooks much more than a fast-food worker.

These People Believe Earth Is Hollow, Filled With Aliens And Nazis

There's a growing number of conspiracy theorists who believe that the world is not only hollow, but filled with everything from aliens to Nazis to the lost Viking colonies of Greenland.

WATCH: Groomsman Epically Faints During Wedding, Breaks Face

As a groomsman at his friend's wedding, Noah decided that he was going to take a little nap during the pastor's 40-minute speech.

Science: Eating Lots Of This Food Makes You More Attractive

Scientists at the University of St Andrews found that carotenoid pigments — the orangey-red pigments found in fruit and vegetables — positively affects skin color.

Want To Be A Real-Life Mermaid? Here’s How To Nail Your Interview

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Spring Hill, Florida is known for its live mermaid shows. And now, they're looking to expand their roster of talent.

This New Dating App Uses DNA To Find Your Perfect Match

Two twentysomethings have created a dating app called Pheramor that requires users to swab the inside of their mouth before joining the virtual dating pool.