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Summer Makeup: How To Look Hot When It’s Too Hot

You have 4 enemies to face this summer: Water, Heat, Oils and Sweat. Here's how to deal with all of the elements.

Why Are Professional Golfers Obsessed With CBD Oil?

To say that golfers have been secretly flirting with CBD oil over the past couple years is a bit of an understatement.

Here’s One Thing You’ll Never See A British Royal Do

The rule was broken by both Princess Diana and Prince Charles, but the monarchy frowns upon the practice for fear of forgery.

This Week’s Music: Sam Smith, Charli XCX And Beyoncé

This week's column features Sam Smith's last single, Charli XCX's contribution with Christine and the Queens, and Beyoncé's work on The Lion King.

Dogs of Instagram: Rottweiler

Playful with its owners and aloof with strangers, the Rottweiler (a.k.a. the "Rottie") is a powerful working breed that makes a great protector for most families.

This Is One Food The Royal Family Can Never Eat

Some don’t like our food to be spicy, but when it comes to the Royal Family, they don’t have food preferences. Instead they have food rules.

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Bob Dylan Won The Nobel Prize In Literature And Everyone Has An Opinion About It

This sentence will either infuriate or inspire you: Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. He joins a laureate ranks that includes Ernest Hemingway, Toni Morrison, Gabriel García Márquez, Kenzaburō Ōe, Samuel Becket...

Star Wars’ ‘Rogue One’ Trailer Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed

The force is strong with this trailer. Disney delivered a surprise present for Star Wars fans Thursday with the release of the second trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.Though the first trailer debuted in...

See It: LeBron James And Lil Yachty Team Up In New Sprite Commercial

Well this is certainly an odd pairing. Sprite tapped massive star/basketball champion LeBron James to star in a commercial featuring none other that Lil’ Yachty, walking meme and oddboy rapper.James plays a meta game of reverse psychology...

Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Emailed Clinton’s Campaign Manager About Aliens And UFOs

Tom DeLonge cares about aliens more than you do. His alien passion—among other tensions—led to a falling out with his band, Blink-182. But his dedication is real: He founded To The Stars, Inc., a massive transmedia venture...

Drake And Sufjan Stevens: The Intense Love Affair Created By Some Internet Genius

You might think Drake and Sufjan Stevens are from separate planets. But one incredible Tumblr account recognizes they share what matter most in this universe: love.Indeed a Tumblr user who goes by riveyoncé cuoknowles should be considered among...

Ken Bone’s “Journal”: A Fresh Toast Exclusive

Through intensive efforts by The Fresh Toast's investigative team, we bring you the exclusive LiveJournal entries from America's greatest hero, Mr. Kenneth Bone. We may not deserve him, but we definitely need him right now.  A wonderful surprise Oct....