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What You Need To Know Before Getting A Cannabis Massage

Adding a cannabis topical, such as lotion or oil to a massage can given one added benefits such as helping to manage pain, decrease inflammation, and improve relaxation.

4 Myths About Cannabis Concentrates

There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding concentrates, with many claiming that they’re as bad as cocaine and crack. Here are 4 myths about cannabis concentrates that we want to clear up.

Dirty Money: The Germs And Dope That’s On Your Cash

The list of things found on our dollars includes DNA from our pets, traces of drugs, and bacteria and viruses that cause disease.

‘GLOW’ Star Alison Brie Says CBD Helps Treat Her Muscle Pain And Soreness

Brie claims that CBD is what helps her cope with her sore muscles, especially now that she’s part of a show that demands a lot of stunt work and physical effort.

Meghan And Harry Reveal Never-Before-Heard Details About Their Wedding

The couple's wedding attire is on display in Scotland as part of an exhibit that also includes an audio portion recorded by Meghan and Harry. The two reveal some behind-the-scenes tidbits of their big day.

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Dronesurfing Is Your New Favorite Sport You Didn’t Know Existed

So maybe the future isn’t all bad, huh? Though we’ve been a little tough on drones in the past (as in today), they do present some exciting possibilities. Thanks to the folks over at Freefly for introducing...

Uber’s Driverless Cars, And 5 Other Examples Of Machines Winning

“Hello, your driverless car has arrived.” That message is greeting Uber users in Pittsburgh today, as the company unveils its brand-new driverless car function. “Why Pittsburgh?” you might ask. According to Popular Science, it’s where Uber established...

How Anti-Rapper Vince Staples Went Big With ‘Prima Donna’

Few would accuse Vince Staples of having a big head. You wouldn’t suspect so, anyways. But at 23 years, Staples carries with him an air of living multiple lives. He’s a rapper for start, a very adept...

Carrie Brownstein Debuts Short Film Parodying The Social Media Era

Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame, has created a short film called The Realest Real as part of KENZO’s fall-winter campaign. It had a premiere during KENZO’s New York Fashion Week show, and follows in line...

Kevin Harlan’s Must-Hear Call Of Live Streaker On Monday Night Football

Some men just want to be seen. And some men want to be seen so desperately they sneak onto a football field during an NFL game as security guards chase him around the field, causing an entire...

Spotlight Shone Bright For Trans Stars Alexis Arquette And Lady Chablis

Lady Chablis and Alexis Arquette, both well-known icons in the trans community, passed away this weekend.Chablis came to prominence following a prominent role in John Berendt's bestselling, 1994 non-fiction novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and...