Richard Faulk

Richard studied the history of science as a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Irvine. After grading one term paper too many, he left the academy to concentrate on his own writing—and has never looked back since.While he has written on a wide array of subjects, Richard’s enduring focus has been exploring the points where science intersects with politics, culture, and the arts. That’s the drive that animates his books, Gross America and The Next Big Thing: A History of the Boom-or-Bust Moments That Shaped the Modern World.Richard’s writing on science, medicine, and curiosities both natural and manmade has appeared in or on Mental Floss,, The Huffington Post, and the Discover magazine blog The Crux. He has been an invited speaker at Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy and Los Angeles’ Death Salon, and he has been interviewed on NPR, Southern California Public Radio, SiriusXM, and Radio MD. You can also watch him in the season two finale of the Science Chanel series Oddities.

Recent articles

We’re Growing Horns Because Of Our Smartphone Addiction

These spikes, which are officially called “external occipital protuberance,” are said to be formed due to the bent-neck position that most cellphone users take when using their devices over long periods of time,

Medical Marijuana Cardholders Can Still Be Busted For Stoned Driving

In many cases, even if a patient isn't actually high while they are behind the wheel, law enforcement can still find ways to drag them to jail and file charges for this offense.

5 Things To Make Your Time At The Office More Bearable This Summer

Summer makes it a little harder to slave away considering all the fun things that are outdoors, just a few steps away.

Here’s What You Should Do If You Want To Hike With Marijuana

Now that summer is upon us, it's time to remember that hikes bring out the best in marijuana by getting you in touch with nature and allowing you to relax and enjoy your trek in surprising ways.

Who Pays For All Those Outfits Meghan Markle Wears? You Might Be Surprised

How the royals manage to fund their expensive fashion habits will be quite surprising to anyone who thought "freebie" was automatically printed on royal receipts.

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Congress, Marijuana And PTSD: The State Of The Debate

As we’ve already reported, the University of Colorado conducted the first controlled, clinical trial of whole-plant on PTSD.

Medical Cannabis Research: Where It Is and Where It’s Going

Here at The Fresh Toast, we do our best to keep on top on the new and rapidly changing field of medical cannabis. But we know it’s useful sometimes to take a pause, pull back, and see...

Could Cannabis Help Cure Hillary Clinton’s Case Of Pneumonia?

Being sick sucks. This is not a partisan matter. So, whether you are a bitter but starry-eyed Bernie fan (no judgement!), a know-it-all libertarian (some judgement), or an insurgent Trumpist (*bites tongue*), we hope you will join...

The Good, The Bad, And The Sucky About Cannabis And Mad Cow Disease

Today’s flashback takes you to 1995, the year when the noontime luster of Cool Britannia (embodied in this classic Pulp track) was dimmed by the shadow of mad cow disease, which had claimed its first ever human...

New Study Suggests Cannabis Induces Transient Amotivational Syndrome

What’s in a name? Plenty.Observing that stoners are “lazy” is likely to get you labeled as a troglodyte by your sophisticated friends. However, speculating that cannabis use may impede decision-making and, therefore, support the “Transient Amotivational Syndrome”...

Here Are Some Known Unknowns About Medical Cannabis

On August 11, 2016, we were dealt an unexpected blow to supporters of medical cannabis research when it rejected two petitions to moderate its stance on marijuana. Instead, the federal agency reaffirmed its classification of the plant...