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Looks Like Raw Marijuana Leaves Are The Next Superfood

Cannabis flower is good for you in a myriad of ways, but what about the leaves? Doctors and enthusiasts are starting to ask raw marijuana leaves.

How This Woman Is Able To Fly With A Load Of Marijuana In Her Luggage 

As marijuana becomes legal, but remains a Schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the federal government, traveling with marijuana continues to be tricky.

Science Says Marijuana Might Be Nature’s Aphrodisiac

Now science might have your back. A recently-published study in the Pharmacological Research journal suggest that marijuana could be a proven aphrodisiac.

This Stranded Man Survived On His Own Urine And A Beer

A combination of trusting Google Maps and bad car luck left this man stranded in the desert for days. in what must be the worst road trip ever.

This Elderly Couple Went Viral For Their Moves At A Ludacris Concert

Someone at a Ludacris concert caught them getting funky in the crowd, and posted to Facebook. The video has been viewed seven million times.

Meet Nevada’s First Black Master Grower

The industry's first black master grower Aaron McCrary says he’s worked in every role in marijuana cultivation.

A Bear Broke Into This Family’s SUV And Took It For A Ride

Someone had tried to take their SUV for a joyride, but crashed it into a mailbox not far from the driveway. The thief, it turned out, was a confused bear.

This Guy Tried To Shoot An Armadillo—And It Shot Back

Shooting an armadillo is a jerk move. What could these armored, docile creatures possibly do to piss someone off so badly that they deserve to get shot at?

The Queen Of England Drinks How Many Cocktails A Day?

Being the Queen of England seems like a lot of pressure. How does she take the edge off? More cocktails than you think a 91-year-old would drink.

Men, Sex And Marijuana: Can Weed Affect Performance?

Studies on animals have shown that weed can inhibit receptors of the penis, but is there really a connection between sex and marijuana?