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With tons of new products hitting shelves, here is a handy guide to help sort the helpful ones from the hype.

7 CBD Skincare Products That Will Change Everything

It was only a matter of time before CBD skin care began flooding the market. CBD helps reduce pain and inflammation, so, theoretically, it may treat skin issues like acne and eczema as well.

Here’s What Happened In NJ At A Public Hearing For Cannabis Legalization

The hearing was held by the Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee. Approximately 100 people were in attendance for about four hours of testimony.

Revagination: How Your Vagina Can Be Reimagined

Many women in various stages of life, from post-pubescent, to post-partum, to perimenopausal may feel insecure about what they have going on down below.

5 Fast Facts From The NYC Cannabis Parade

Thousands of herb aficionados marched through the streets of New York City on Saturday to...

After Son’s Successful CBD Treatment, Mother Launches CBD Product Line

Roxanne Benton, owner of Patriot Botanicals, launched her line of hemp cannabidiol oil (CBD) drops after she was inspired by her son's positive reaction to CBD, which has helped to control his ADHD and Tourette’s.

How CBD Helped Control This Teenager’s ADHD And Tourette’s Syndrome

A few years ago when her teenage son Bevan was diagnosed with ADHD and Tourette’s, she asked a dear friend what she would do in the same situation, and it just so happened she had some helpful essential oils on hand.

11 ‘Star Wars’ Marijuana Strains Every Fan Needs To Try

Here are some of our favorite Star Wars strains and themed pipes to smoke them a galaxy not so far, far away.

9 Easy Ways That Will Help You Recover From A Hangover

The morning after: booze is oozing out of your pores and you still smell three sheets to the wind.

Vaping Essential Oils Is A Thing And Here’s How To Do It

New vape companies are popping up faster than you can blow smoke. Pot pundits are inundated with products and occasionally, a true innovation is innocently discovered.