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10 Everyday Terms Marijuana Newbies Needs To Know

If you’re just now discovering the world of marijuana, there are a few terms you need to get acquainted with so you don’t make a fool of yourself in front of other people who are not noobs. There are decades worth of words and expressions that have been developed over the years within the cannabis community; luckily, it’s never too late to catch up.

Here are a few very basic words that’ll introduce you to the marijuana lingo:


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The number one word you need to know of is this one, which not only refers to the bud you’re putting inside your bong, but to the family of plants that produce marijuana.

Pot, Weed & Dope

These are all terms that refer to marijuana. Yes, even dope.

Grinder Or Buster

This is the main instrument cannabis users from all over the world use. Stay away from the scissors and invest some money on a grinder. Your fingers will be grateful.

Papers Or Rollies

These are the instruments you use to make a joint. Rollies is just the word the cool kids like to use.

Joint Or Jay

This is kind of a marijuana cigarrette, which can be shaped into different ways or can use different types of rolling paper.


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These are all measurements of marijuana. You can purchase an ounce, a quarter, an eighth or whatever else your dispensary or dealer have to offer.


This device is similar to a pipe and uses water to enhance the smoking experience, resulting in a cleaner and healthier way to get high.


This is the part of the bong or pipe where the weed is placed, receiving heat and producing smoke.

Blake Or Toke

Both terms are interchangeable and they refer to the act of smoking and getting high.


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That dry mouth feeling you get after you smoke a lot of weed.


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