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5 Amazing Ways To Maximize Your Collection of Kief

Kief is the collection of small crystal-like trichomes that gather on top of the marijuana bud. This powder is hard to collect, but it can be found at the bottom of a grinder, which is one of the main reasons the device is so awesome. Kief is beloved by everyone because it has a really high concentration of THC and it’s also very malleable and easy to use in different forms.

Here are 5 creative ways in which you can put your kief to good use:


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You can add some kief onto any cookie or brownie recipe that you have lying around, just be sure to heat it so that the THC and the other psychoactive compounds can come out. This process is known as decarboxylation and it’s pretty simple. Set your oven to 300° F, place the kief on a glass container and cover it, baking it for about 5 minutes. When this is done, you can add your prepped kief onto your mixture and proceed with the recipe as usual.


Following the delicious example of rainbow sprinkles added onto an ice cream cone, you can sprinkle some kief on top of your marijuana bowl or joint and make it taste even better, giving you a more powerful high. The strength of the kief can vary depending on the strain, so be mindful of that and start off by adding a small pinch of it. 


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Adding on kief to your dabs will enhance the flavor and greatly increase the THC you’re be consuming.

Add It To Your Coffee

This is an easy way of getting a nice shot of THC without doing anything that requires extra effort. By adding the kief onto a hot cup of coffee, you’ll activate the THC as the crystals heat in your drink. This will produce a strong and long lasting effect that’s very similar to that of an edible.

Make Some Butter With It

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Place butter onto a crock pot and melt it with medium heat. Add on some kief and stir every 15 minutes for a period of 5 hours. After this is done, you can place the kief butter on a heat proof container and put it on the fridge to cool. This butter can be used on everything, from coffee, to meals, to dessert.


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