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5 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed During The Holidays

The holidays can be extra joyful with the help of a little weed. Here are 5 reasons why you should explore Santa’s little green helper.

The holiday season is a time for indulgence. It’s a time when we’re expected to huddle up, reminisce over the happenings of the year, prepare cozy and comforting foods, watch tons of movies and enjoy ourselves. We really need it after surviving 2020.

One thing that reliably makes the holiday celebrations better is weed. Whether you’re spending your days alone, with roommates or with family, the festivities will get an added gloss of greatness if you add some weed into the equation. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider weed this holiday season:

Holiday food will taste better

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We tend to overeat during the holidays and that’s okay. This year, no matter your circumstance, you can use weed to really enjoy all the food you eat during the holiday season. Make plans to cook something delicious or bake holiday cookies, whether you’re alone or with friends and family. Smoking weed and eating these delicious meals will allow you to have a deeper appreciation for them and have a really good time while you’re doing it.

You’ll get much more fun and depth from your holiday viewing

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Whether you’re watching Christmas movies, the best movies of the year or simply binging reality TV, weed will make it all better. You’ll find all the dialogue and plot points deeply intriguing, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the colors and cinematography, you might even fall asleep without meaning to and wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. That’s what we deserve this holiday season; go for it.

Gifts will have an added charm

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Not all gifts are the same, with some people being great gift givers and others lacking this very specific talent. Weed will allow you to become a better actor and to find something charming about whatever strange gift you were gifted.

Watching Christmas lights can be a full night activity

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Christmas lights are beautiful under normal conditions. They’re extra awesome with weed. Since we’re lacking a lot of fun activities during this holiday season, a good and safe way to pass the time would be to go to a place that’s known for their Christmas decorations, toke up and relax.

Zooms and hangouts will be much more tolerable

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The holidays are great but they’re also stressful, whether you’re celebrating them in person or through Zoom. Make sure to add some weed to the mix, that way you can laugh at a frozen camera or have extra patience when your friends and family members are very loud and forget to unmute themselves.


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