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5 Smoking And Vaping Alternatives For Marijuana Use

 If you’d rather limit the amount of smoke you inhale, try one of these popular ways to ingest marijuana without filling your lungs.

No matter how safe cannabis vaping and smoking may be, there will always be people who either err on the side of caution or who don’t like the sensation of smoke or vape in their lungs.

This doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the effects of cannabis, though. There are many ways to get lifted — some take longer than others, but also often last longer as well. Pick the method that best suits your cannabis fueled lifestyle.


THC or CBD laden tinctures come in many different strengths, so ask your local budtender  how much of the liquid should be ingested on your first go. Remember, you can always use more a little later. Some of the many beauties of using tincture is that it kicks in pretty fast, so you know where your headspace is landing and when and how much more (or less next time) to take, that it’s highly portable and discrete, it often comes in flavors that are either mild or pleasant and it typically comes with a dropper for measured dosages.

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If you’re a wiz in the kitchen and like a full body high, making your own cannabis infused foods is a rewarding enterprise. You can make something as basic as pot brownies or use clarified ghee butter to really up your savory game. Use about a gram of ground cannabis flower per serving size and don’t forget to decarboxylate first. If you live near a dispensary, you can leave it to the professionals and get exact measures of cannabinoids, ratios of THC and CBD as well as a variety of flavors and textures to choose from.

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Though for many the idea of inserting cannabis into the buttock is, well, not high on their list, cannabis suppositories are miracle workers for many, especially the very ill. They bypass the liver and go straight to work on ailments like liver cancer, fibromyalgia, seizure disorder and hemorrhoids. Usually about the size of the top section of a pinky finger, the usage isn’t as unpleasant as one might worry and the potent effects of the smooth, concentrated medicine are undeniable.

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Transdermal Patches

Though a slow release of THC, CBD, CBN or a combination of cannabinoids, transdermal patches deliver the beneficial parts of the plant directly to the bloodstream. They’re effective, discrete and the perfect choice for someone new to the experience of cannabinoids. The effects come on like you’re having a regular smoke sesh, but everyone passing the joint has a story to tell and getting lifted is a slow roll process. Long lasting and easy to use, the patch makes it so you don’t have to think twice about your usage while you go about your day.

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If you’re using cannabis to ease aches and pains and aren’t concerned with getting high, topicals are your best bet. Living in a legal state means that you can obtain a rub or cream with activated THC in it, which works wonders and is non psychoactive when applied topically.

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CBD creams are also good and the cannabidiol goes to work on inflamed joints right away. Read the ingredients, though. Some topicals come with different herbs and additives that increase their effectiveness. Also look for the words “full spectrum” when choosing a salve, lotion or other type of topical.


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