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A Lot Of People Are Working Out High During The Pandemic

New Survey Shows A Lot Of People Worked Out High During COVID-19
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A new survey shows how cannabis has impacted our workouts during the pandemic. Here’s the breakdown of THC and CBD users.

COVID-19 has affected a big part of our lives. Even though 2021 has been, in many ways, a return back to normal, the pandemic is still ongoing, and we’ve learned a few habits that we’ll incorporate into our new normal, including the way in which we consume our cannabis. While the pandemic clearly facilitated more weed smoking, a new study found that it also made it more common to work out while high.

The study, conducted by fitness review website FitRated, surveyed over 1,000 people who incorporate cannabis in their workouts. The survey, taken between April 22-28, 2021, specifically asked participants about cannabis-fueled workouts during the height of the pandemic and how their usage has changed since the pandemic began. Depending on whether it was THC or CBD, those surveyed used cannabis in different ways.

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Results show that THC users consume cannabis before or during their workouts, using it as a stimulant or tool to focus. CBD users consume cannabis after their workouts, taking advantage of the compound’s restorative properties.

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When asked about cannabis use before workouts, the majority of people said they discovered a method that works best for accomplishing their workout routine. When asked whether cannabis made them too lethargic to work out, 46% of participants said that it didn’t. Forty-one percent of THC users said that cannabis helped them get motivated enough to exercise.

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When speaking about breaking personal records, 62% of THC users said they broke personal records after using cannabis. Half (50%) of CBD users said the same. By a small margin, CBD users were able to workout for longer periods of time (48 minutes vs 45 minutes from THC users). When it comes to workout intensity, 62% of cannabis users of all types said that their workouts with cannabis were more intense than if they were working out with it.

While being an enlightening read, the study crystalizes some of the main differences between working out with CBD and working out with THC. Both are motivators, but THC seems to make workouts more intense and focused, while CBD helps with recovery.

Cannabis could be just the thing to get you motivated to get back to moving.

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