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Is Apple Going to Make an iVape?

Image via The US Patent and Trademark Office

It sure looks like Apple is considering getting into the vape game. The Verge reports that the company recently filed a patent for a “peculiar vaporizer technology.”

The device would be able to regulate temperatures from a canister and prevent air from reaching the chamber where the vaping was taking place. That said, The Verge notes it’s not 100 percent that the device will eventually become an iVape. The patent doesn’t include any information on what sort of substance would be heated up; it could be for tobacco or it could be for some sort of air freshener for the car product Apple is rumored to be working on. In fact, human use isn’t even mentioned at all.

So who knows for sure! But it’s fun to imagine what a company like Apple would do if it did make an iVape. Would it have built-in bluetooth for music? Could you just attach it to the end of your iPhone? No matter what it did, it seems likely it would change the vaping industry.

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