Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Which Band Makes $7,000 Record Out of Hash That You Can Smoke?

As everyone hopefully knows, listening to records while high is one of life’s great pleasures. But what if you could smoke the record you just listened to? Until yesterday, that question was just a hypothetical that probably no one ever considered before but now we kind of know its answer, thanks to the band Slightly Stoopid.

The band’s management announced yesterday that a one-of-a-kind record made entirely of bubble hash had been produced. Slightly Stoopid’s “Dabbington” was etched onto the hash record, which cost $7,000 to produce ($6,000 for the hash and $1,000 to stamp and master it).

“It’s all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together,” Jon Phillips of Silverback Music, which manages Slightly Stoopid, told Billboard. “Vinyl is an old-school medium, and that’s how we feel about hashish, too.”

Philips said he originally thought of the idea as a way to bring awareness to legalization efforts, but now he’s planning on using the THC-infused vinyl to promote Slightly Stoopid’s branded bubble hash.

If you somehow get your hands on the record, you should think twice about overplaying it. “It’s not something you’re going to plop on your turntable over and over again,”  Phillips said. “For now, this is an art piece.”


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