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Can You Trust CBD Ads On Social Media?

Despite CBD’s wide reaching popularity, purchasing these products requires a good amount of research and care.

Social media is a great place to look for products, because whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, these platforms can easily connect you with stuff you enjoy. There’s also an algorithm that keeps track of your online behavior, showing you products that fit your tastes. As of late, however, social media has become a space filled with ads and sponsored posts. This should make us all think twice before hitting that purchase button, especially when it comes to CBD.

While it’s easy to trust clothing brands and the like, Instagram and other social media sites have a complicated relationship with health supplements, which is the category where CBD falls.

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Despite not having FDA approval, many businesses have tried to cash in on CBD, developing their own versions of the product and trying to get as many people as possible invested in their business. Add this to the fact that influencers are now getting paid to sponsor products they likely don’t even try out, and you get high odds of purchasing something that isn’t worth your money.

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Different studies have demonstrated that marijuana related health claims made on social media are mostly made up of lies and exaggerations. These statements are made without having any scientific support, the majority of them spread by bots. These claims are even more off base when applied to CBD, a compound that has different businesses claiming it can cure all sorts of diseases.

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CBD stands in a precarious position right now, with many businesses capitalizing on the fact that there are no guidelines, regulations and that people are vastly misinformed. While influencers are great sources of information for makeup products, music recommendations and video game reviews, when it comes to elements that could have a significant impact on your health, you’re better off confiding with an expert or doing your own research.

Before purchasing a CBD product, it’s always important to verify the website, look for certificates of analysis (COA) and try to get a complete picture of what’s in the product. It might not be a fun process, but it will likely connect you with a product that actually delivers on its promises and that will leave you with a positive impression regarding the compound.


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