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Cannabis Rosé Could Be Your Summer Drink Of Choice

No one liked rosé until everyone did. Pink colored wine used to be like the third Hemsworth brother that no one remembered (his name is Luke). Now, rosé is marketed as the “it” drink of summer, and even the cannabis industry is trying to reap some of the benefits.

As any seasoned day drinker will tell you, there’s something special about drinking this wine when it’s hot out.

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Thrillist credits rosé’s rapid rise in popularity to Instagram, which gave the drink a boost unlike any other marketing scheme. Influencers like “The Fat Jew” and Instagram account “Yes Way Rosé” created sleek and delicious products that succeeded in painting the drink as the perfect companion to summer activities.

“White wine is more frequently associated with fish and housewives, while reds are tied to date nights and steak dinners. Rosé, instead, is more frequently paired with day drinking and a life where bills are just pieces of scrap paper you pass off to your accountant each month,” explains Thrillist. Rosé captures the vibe of summer and a carefree lifestyle unlike any other drink in recent memory.

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This year, cannabis infused sparkling Rosé was introduced, adding a new dimension to the rosé experience. Let’s see if products like this one are here to stay and if rosé extends its summer reign for a few more years.



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