Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Want To Grow And Sell Marijuana? Try This Farming Game Mod

You may not have heard of Stardew Valley, but if you know any gamers in your life, they certainly have. It’s a popular video game where you build the agriculture empire of your pixelated fantasies, tilling soil, rotating crops, and raising livestock. Thanks to a new gaming mod, you can now grow the hottest cash crop in the land — cannabis.

By downloading  ‘Smellyhippie_’s’ Cannabis Mod you can become a full-blown ganjaprenuer, planting and cultivating marijuana plants. The mod includes 40 new items and 37 crafting recipes, including tobacco (for spliffs and blunts), and two strains for both male and female variants of cannabis.

As 30 states and Canada have legalized marijuana in some form, it stands to reason the citizens of Stardew Valley would enjoy a toke as well. However, the mod is dedicated only to the cultivation and production of growing cannabis. You won’t be getting high on your own farming supply.

Those interested in growing cannabis and those who already do so in real life will be impressed with the level of detail to cannabis production.

Via Den of Geek:

Once you’ve grown some weed, that’s where the real fun begins. Not only are you able to use new tools to separate the resin from the mature buds and press your resin into profitable hash bricks, but you can craft a variety of joints and blunts using your new product. There’s even an option to grow tobacco and incorporate it into your joints for all you spliff fans out there (we know who you are).

The mod’s creator has also expressed interest in adding more to the mod down the line, like somehow allowing players to make their own edibles. Maybe they’ll also add a way to toke in between production cycles, who knows. But cannabis enthusiasts and gamers alike have to be impressed with the robust options available in this grow op mod.



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