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Here’s What Happened In NJ At A Public Hearing For Cannabis Legalization

In order to obtain the New Jersey constituency’s stance on legalizing marijuana, a public hearing — the fourth of its kind — took place on May 12, at Bergen County Community College in Paramus, New Jersey.

The hearing was held by the Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee. Approximately 100 people were in attendance for about four hours of testimony.

A Canadian cannabis company employee who was formerly a DEA agent spoke about the experience of legalizing marijuana in Colorado.

“I think people thought it was going to be Armageddon in Denver and I just haven’t seen that,” said Pat Witcher, Vice President of GrowForce. The hearing also consisted of broad conversations about medical marijuana, edibles, vaping, and related topics.

Marijuana legalization was a campaign promise from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. However, so far the committee has not yet written a bill and there is no clear timetable for when they might.

According to NewJersey.com, a Monmouth University poll released Thursday found that 60 percent of New Jersey residents think that legalizing marijuana would make money for the state, while just 16 percent said they believe it would hurt the economy. Twenty percent said legalization would have no impact.

Some Democrats in the Legislature have resisted Murphy’s call for legalization and opted for decriminalization instead. Gov. Phil Murphy announced “major reforms” to New Jersey’s medical marijuana program in late March.

New Yorkers opine that once New Jersey has fully legalized, the dominoes will fall and New York will be next.

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