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Here’s What You Should Know Before Visiting A Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana dispensaries are usually friendly places. Still, there’s some basics you should know before making your first visit.

Unlike alcohol and grocery shopping, buying legal marijuana is an experience that asks for some kind of preparation. Marijuana dispensaries can be intimidating places for someone who’s never been in one before, filled with people who look like they know all there is to know about cannabinoids and terpenes.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, some states have labeled marijuana as an essential business, making their dispensaries come up with different ways of getting their products to customers, whether that’s through delivery or curbside pickup. These restrictions make it more complex to shop for cannabis products, since you can’t simply choose a package because it has a cool label.

There is no right way to shop for marijuana, but it’s a better experience when you have some of the basics down.

Have your ID and some cash

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Visiting your local marijuana dispensary shouldn’t be some spur of the moment decision, since you need to show some ID once you’re there. Have your passport or state issued ID on hand and make a stop at your ATM to get some cash. While some dispensaries have ATMs on site, it’s always best to have everything at the ready. And with the coronavirus, you likely won’t want to linger in the shop.

Ask yourself what you’re looking for

Whether you’re looking for edibles, vape pens, flowers, a happy high or a cerebral one, ask yourself these questions before you arrive. This way, you can just ask for what you want and you’ll get accurate results. Most dispensaries function by setting you up with a budtender who’ll show you some products and ask you some questions about what you’re looking for.

Be open with your budtender

Why Are Marijuana Retailers Struggling To Keep Budtenders?
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No one enters a dispensary and instantly knows how to act. It’s all a learning experience, which is why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask questions, even if they sound silly. Your budtender is your go to person for cannabis questions, whether you’re wondering about THC levels or the purpose of terpenes in cannabis flowers.

Wait until you’re home to consume

While this should go without saying, no matter where you are, odds are you won’t be able to smoke publicly or sample the dispensary’s products. Once you’ve purchased your weed, light up only once you make it home.


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