Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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How Atlanta Rappers Like 2 Chainz Reacted To City’s Marijuana Decrim

In what will surely be remembered as a landmark decision in marijuana legal reform, Atlanta’s city council unanimously voted to decriminalize marijuana.

This will amend local law so that those charged with marijuana possession up to 1 oz. will no longer face the threat of jail time. Instead they will receive a $75 fine and no more. Previously, those caught with marijuana possession in Atlanta could receive up to six months of jail time and a maximum fine of $1,000.

Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed, formerly a critic of marijuana, stated publicly he will sign this addendum into law.

Many Atlanta residents celebrated the city council’s decision, chief among them Atlanta rappers 2 Chainz, Big Boi, and Killer Mike. They took to social media, praising local politicians who pushed this legislation through. “Mannnn this will save so many young people from bullsh*t charges that later haunt them,” 2 Chainz wrote on Instagram. Killer Mike posted an Instagram video, stating, “Bravo, Atlanta City Council.” Meanwhile Big Boi posted the news with the simple caption of “ATLiens UP.”

Check out their posts below.


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