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Liberals Are More Likely To Smoke Marijuana Than Conservatives

Poll Says Liberal Americans Are 6 Times More Likely To Smoke Marijuana Over Conservatives
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A new poll finds that liberals consume marijuana six times more than conservatives.

A poll examining cannabis consumption trends in America found that people who identify as liberals are six times more likely to consume marijuana over those who identify as conservatives. Shocking.

The poll conducted by Gallup found that 24% of liberals reported consuming cannabis while only 4 % of conservatives did. People who identified as moderate in their politics stood in the middle, with 12% of them consuming cannabis.

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The poll also found other cannabis related statistics, including differences when it comes to gender, age, race and geographical location.

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Men reported consuming more marijuana than women (15% vs 9%) and white people consumed more than POC (14% vs 9%). The younger the person, the more likely they were to smoke cannabis, with 22% of people between the ages of 18 – 29 stating that they consume marijuana compared to only 3% of people over the age of 65 reporting the same.

The poll found that geographical location plays an important role when it comes to people’s opinions and access to marijuana. The more liberal locations that have looser cannabis restrictions — specifically the East and West coasts — smoke the most, with 15% and 16% reported, respectively. They are followed by the Midwest, with 13%, and the South, which comes in last with 7% of cannabis consumers. The South boasts some of the country’s most restrictive cannabis laws, with only Florida having access to medical marijuana.

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This data was taken from a poll conducted in 2019, so it provides numbers that are up to date. We can expect these statistics to shift as the laws change and people’s perspectives evolve. You can read more from the poll here.

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