Friday, August 12, 2022

Life Hacks: How To Salvage That Dried Out Marijuana

We’ve all been there. Sometimes dry weed happens. Whether you found an old stash, didn’t get to your head stash in time or simply ended up with dried out cannabis: it’s harsh, it burns fast and it no longer resembles the award-winning bud you remember picking up at the dispensary. And if you deal in large quantities of cannabis, the chances of dry weed are even greater. 

First of all, do not despair. There are a good handful of ways to rehydrate your marijuana. When doing so, however, remember that over hydrating the marijuana is worse than dealing with flaky shake. Mold can take hold of humid weed, and that’s a real problem. When in doubt, use the dried up leftovers to make an infusion.

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One way to get moisture back where it belongs, especially in large amounts, is by using paper towels and plastic baggies. Simply wet (not drench) a couple paper towels and put them into plastic bags. Seal them, but also poke little holes in them so that the moisture is effective. Place the baggies in with the bud for at least a few hours and watch the dusty nuggets come back to life.

Another tried and true method is using an orange peel. Very carefully, only slice off the outer layer of the skin. Place the citrusy peel into a glass jar with the dry weed, but keep an eye on it. Again, you don’t want to overdo it and this process should take less than a day.

A piece of white bread is yet another solution, though you’ll also want to be very careful about mold here, as the yeast in the bread can be troublesome. Still, it’s another proven remedy that only requires a little caution. Just put the bread in with the buds. This shouldn’t take longer than a day to work and you’ll want to be mindful to take the bread back out and not leave any crumbs behind.

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You’ve searched the house and you’re out of all of the above? How about an apple? Though not as commonly used as an orange peel, the apple is thought to actually be a better solution. Mostly because of the essential oils that inhabit an orange’s skin. You want to remoisten your weed, not flavor it. Instead of using the peel of the apple, though, use a slice.

Similar to the fruit and bread options, you can also use a piece of lettuce to get some of that fluff back. When using lettuce, dry the leaf off first with paper towels if damp and then be sure to not leave it in the cannabis container for more than four hours. In fact, it’s best to check it every hour or so, as lettuce is basically made of water and is thus very hydrating. 

Dry weed needn’t be a major comedown. With the above simple life hacks you’ll be back to hydrated buds again within a day. And if it’s beyond saving? Edibles. Just remember edibles.


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