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Method Man Calls Out ‘Hypocritical’ John Boehner On Marijuana

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner made waves earlier this year when he joined the board of advisers at Acreage Holdings, which is, notably, a cannabis company. Throughout his political tenure the Ohio Republican was “unalterably opposed” to cannabis legalization of any kind. Boehner’s move was seen by many as an avaricious move to reap the benefits of the green rush.

When MSNBC host Ari Melber had Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man on The Beat to discuss music, marijuana, and more, the two briefly touched on Boehner.

“Oh the hypocrisy,” Method Man said. “Oh my god, what a hypocrite.”

While Meth cracked a joke about Boehner’s infamous love of tanning beds, he stopped himself from fully unleashing on the politician. He used the moment to discuss the changing views of Americans across the country who previously “misjudged” cannabis.

“People are coming around from the ‘ills’ of marijuana. They’re coming around to see that it was misjudged in a sense, the actual plant. We overdid in the War on Drugs,” Meth said. “To be classified the same as heroin and cocaine is ludicrous in my mind.”

During the show, the rapper also touched on why so many in the music business use cannabis as a creative inspiration.

“I think it opens up a whole new creative door, honestly. It elevates you a little bit past wherever you are already,” Meth said. “I think some of the most creative people in our business smoke pot, whether in the closet or outside the closet. I won’t say any names, though.”


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