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‘Grow Op’ Episodes 4 – 6: A Web Series About Cannabusiness And Winging It

'Grow Op'
Screenshot via Grow Op The Series/Youtube

What happens when the government grants a tier-3 cannabis grow license to an illicit marijuana dealer? What happens when a bon vivant like Kevin suddenly becomes a ‘legitimate’ businessman? What will this process look like?

Grow Op is a web series for those who are winging it:

Episode 4: You Can’t Do This To Me!

Crispin says that he does NOT want to be involved in Charles’ project. He grabs him by the shoulders and passionately tells him “You can’t do this to me.” He kisses his cheek and gets on a conference call as Charles sadly looks on from the outside.

Episode 5: I Get To Be Proud Of My Work

Kevin gets ready for his first interview. He’s feeling good because he just won the marijuana lottery. Even though he doesn’t have much of a plan, he knows he’s going to build something to be proud of. Maybe.

Episode 6: Did I Not Call You? 

This episode gets awkward. Kevin need money, but when he starts to explain fact that the government has granted him permission to grow weed that can fill up half of a football stadium, everyone gets weird.

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