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So, How Can We Get Amazon To Send Us 65 Pounds of Marijuana?

Photo by josemiguels via Pixabay

An Orlando, Florida couple ordered four plastic storage bins on Amazon, but when their package arrived, the totes were already being utilized…with 65 pounds of marijuana.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, told WFTV9 they were first tipped off that something was wrong by the weight — their order weighed more than 90 pounds.

“We were still pretty fearful our home would be broken into, and we didn’t sleep there for a few days.”

They called police, who seized the drugs and immediately launched an investigation.

But when the couple contacted Amazon asking “what’s up?”, all they got was a $150 gift card and an email that basically said the company’s hands were tied: no apology, no explanation.

“There was no concern for a customer’s safety. I mean, this could have turned into a worst-case scenario,” said one of the customers.

According to Orlando police, no arrests have been made but the investigation is still active.

As for Amazon, the company didn’t respond to an email inquiry from the Miami Herald regarding the mix up, telling the ABC affiliate that “its customer service team had worked directly with the customers to address concerns and would work with law enforcement officials to investigate the case.”

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