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Stoned Gamer Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To Gaming So Far This Year

Stoned Gamer
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Video games and marijuana are a wonderful pairing, providing fun and escapism like nothing else in the world. You can watch a movie, or listen to music while high, but it’s never as involving or as fun. Video games require a certain amount of skill, your input, and your choices, so adding marijuana into the mix results in gaming sessions that are hyper-focused and amazing.

Stoned Gamer was the first company to exploit both of these fields, cannabis and video games, which have only gotten bigger and acquired more followers as the years have gone by. Video games have become one of the biggest markets in the entertainment industry, evolving and increasing in users while also creating compelling stories and narratives that deserve our attention. They’re awesome, and the world is finally realizing that.

Stoned Gamer is a company that organizes tournaments where all sorts of gamers get together and play tons of games, all while smoking marijuana. Their tournament prizes have included trips to Thailand, a pound of weed, a contract with eSports managing and marketing company First Round Management, and much more. Suffice it to say, these competitions are legit.

Their first event ever was held in California in 2016, before marijuana was even legal. The cops barged in and took the tournament’s alcohol, and for some reason they didn’t care about the bongs and the clear use of marijuana. Zeus Tipado, founder of Stoned Gamer, explained that their players were so in the zone that not even the police could break their focus. LA Weekly reports that now that marijuana is completely legal, Stoned Gamer will open a 30,000 foot arena located in California on 4/20/18. Are we surprised?

Via LA Weekly:

“Stoned gaming is going to be like any other spectator sport. We’re looking at NFL, UFC … that’s kind of what we’re competing with.”

For 30 dollars a month, you’ll gain access to this subscription-based facility that’ll be open daily. You’ll have a swipe card and an app that’ll allow you to go inside the building and tackle challenges, collect points and rewards, and gain access to all sorts of games. While the company is still figuring out how they’ll sell and distribute marijuana, Tipado claims that the worst-case scenario would mean that members would have to bring in their own weed. Still sounds like a great deal.

You can find out more info about their app and 2018 plans, here.

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