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Study Finds Most Canadians Positive On Pot, But Wished They Were Better Informed

With more cannabis products entering the legal market, novice consumers may feel intimidated by products they are unfamiliar with, such as vaporizers, topicals, and edibles.

Most Canadians believe the stigma surrounding cannabis use has decreased since legalization and is a positive economic contributor, but wish they were better informed about their products.

In a national survey commissioned by cannabis company Figr and conducted by research firm Maru/Blue, 6 in 10 Canadians aged 19-years or older found marijuana more socially acceptable than a year ago, but fewer than half felt they were knowledgeable enough to use cannabis.

A third of Canadians wish they had been provided with more information about their cannabis products, and 43% said they felt better informed since legalization.

With more products entering the legal market, interested but novice consumers may feel intimidated by marijuana products they are unfamiliar with, such as portable vaporizers, topicals, and edibles. Many are likely to turn to their stoner friends, which may be sufficient, but are likely to be better served by manufacturers and retailers.

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Regarding safety, 38% of Canadians believed that cannabis has become safer since legalization, with half of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians more likely to feel this way.

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A majority of respondents, 60%, think that the marijuana business is having a positive impact on Canada by creating more jobs, with a higher level of respondents, 65% in Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia feeling this way.

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As the second phase of cannabis legalization rolls out, only a quarter of Canadians have consumed marijuana edible in the past and intend to purchase them in the future. Now that recreational legal pot edibles are available, an opportunity exists to design edible products tailored for new cannabis consumers.

“Our survey questions shows the role consumer education could play in increasing knowledge of and positive sentiment towards recreational cannabis, its use and the industry,” said Harvey Carroll, president of Figr, Inc. “We need to continue to identify ways to engage in two-way dialogue and be transparent with consumers, especially as we move into year two of legal recreational cannabis.”


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