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This Dispensary Will Deliver Your Weed With Free Pizza This Super Bowl

Photo by Oliver Pacas/Unsplash

This Super Bowl weekend, Americans are expected to order 12.5 million pizza for the big game. And if you order a weed delivery from one Washington dispensary, that pizza could be free by buying some bud.

The Mt. Hood Cannabis Company—which started when the owners traveled to Boulder, Colorado and were inspired “for a little adventure in our life”—wants to gift you a free cheese or pepperoni pizza with a purchase any half-ounce of cannabis.

“We were enjoying a joint and a slice of Mogul Mountain pizza while brainstorming marketing opportunities for our dispensary when it hit us. Let’s announce our new weed delivery with free pizza, and what better way to kick it off than over Super Bowl weekend,” said Devin Houston, Director of Marketing, in a press release.

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“Our shop works really hard to engage the local business community and since their pizza was so inspirational, partnering with Mogul Mountain Pizza was a no brainer.”

The dispensary specializes in “craft flower, incredible edibles and concentrates” served by “kind educated budtenders.” If you’re near the area, why not stock up on some cannabis while getting a free pizza? As the dispensary stated in a press release, “Nothing goes better with the Super Bowl than pizza.”

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