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How Marijuana Can Keep Your Pup From Freaking About The Fireworks

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Most Americans love the pomp, circumstance and loud explosions of Independence Day. Parades in the morning. Barbecues of beach time in the afternoon. And the oohing and awing of fireworks after the sun goes down. But for your canine friend, it’s one of the worst days of the year.

According to national statistics from PetAmberAlert.com, animal control facilities experience a 30 percent increase in missing pets between July 4 and 6, with July 5 being one of the busiest days for shelters. For dogs, this holiday sucks.

More and more veterinarians are recommending CBD-rich dog treats as one way to keep your pet relaxed and less anxious. While vets remain split on the efficacy of cannabis for pets because research in veterinary cannabis pharmacology is limited, anecdotal reports suggest CBD has a calming benefit for some pets.

The best method to medicate your pet with cannabis is by using a CBD oil. An all-natural, quality-grade oil has components to help dogs feel more comfortable and reduce anxiety.

CBD-infused treats do not get pets high because they don’t contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.  Keep THC away from your pets.

There are a few safe CBD-infused pet treats currently on the market:

  • Treatibles: These hemp chews work great for your anxious pet. One serving should last 4-8 hours. 
  • Therabis: These treats use naturally occurring cannabinoids to reduce stress levels and help dogs keep their cool. 
  • Barkables: The “CBD Booster” in this product will feed your pet’s endocannabinoid system. 
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Veterinarians suggest the following basic tips to keep your pooch calm (even if you don’t have CBD-infused treats):

  • Stay inside: Try to keep your pet indoors at all times as much as possible. Ideally, someone stays home with your pet.
  • Make them feel safe: Comfort your pets with petting, hugging, talking to them in a soothing voice, providing a treat and staying nearby if possible. Make sure they can access their crate or “safe place.”
  • Avoid the noise. Try to drown out the fireworks sounds as much as possible by closing windows, playing music or turning on the TV.
  • Act normal. Your pet takes cues from your and your family’s actions. Go about your normal routine as much as possible, talking and playing with your pet as usual.
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