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You Can Smoke A Bowl And Chug Beer At The Same Time With This Bong

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Screenshot via The Knockout/Youtube

Designed by Alex Millen, from Canada, the idea for The Knockout occurred to him as an accident. The designers were initially trying to create a device that made it easier to chug beers really fast, but when they were making it they realized what a great thing it’d be to create a device that could also work as a bong. The straw of The Knockout creates a similar effect that bongs have, so they added a bowl at the end of the straw which, after drinking the beer, fills the bottle with marijuana smoke.

The Knockout creators have backgrounds in engineering, and have been trying to find ways in which the device can increase it’s capabilities and range. Their latest objective was to craft a top or lid that could work for different kinds of bottles and containers, like cans or solo cups, so they decided to partner up with an industrial design home. With their partnership they ended up with The Knockout XL, which works similarly to the original device, but has a larger lid that can stretch over cans, mason jars and Solo cups.

The Knockout has gathered a large following and even an endorsement from master smoker Snoop Dogg. The inventors maintain themselves hard at work, trying to keep their product innovative and capable of reaching an even larger audience. Along with their different devices, they’ve also developed several accessories that lead to a smoother combo of chugging and smoking.

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