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10 Best LinkedIn Cannabis Groups For Networking In The Weed Industry

The social media platform has very active cannabis groups where cannabis expos, events, and discussions are shared.

LinkedIn is the most preferred social media platform for professional networking. A quick google search will show that the main purpose of the social network is “to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” From all indications, LinkedIn is certainly fulfilling its mission.

Productive connections have been made on this site, and various careers have been developed. There are groups for any and every industry in the world on LinkedIn with a very diverse audience from all over the world.

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As a cannabis entrepreneur, LinkedIn is one of the best places for you to network. The social media platform has very active cannabis groups where cannabis expos, events, and discussions are shared.

These cannabis groups have every important information a cannabis professional might need. From information about other dispensary owners to marketing tips, everything is available. There is even a group for cannabis accountants and lawyers; just how awesome is that?

Here is a carefully researched list of the best 10 LinkedIn cannabis groups a cannabis entrepreneur should belong to. If anything, for networking purposes.

Cannabis Industry Journal

With almost 9,700 active members, the cannabis industry journal group is a B2B LinkedIn group for professional and novice entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Members offer different forms of news, guides, resources, and even the latest policies in the cannabis industry. Weekly, members receive free e-newsletters that contain fresh content and ideas that are beneficial to a cannabis business.

The group was created in June 2015 and is still very active today. For educational content that focuses on the quality and safety and technology used for products in the cannabis marketplace, do join this group. Note that you cannot promote any of your products or services in the group.

Marijuana Investment Professionals

As its name implies, this group is for LinkedIn users willing to find cannabis businesses in the industry. This group has turned out to be an access point for anyone willing to become a part of the budding cannabis industry.

The group is currently made up of 7,773 members and these members are always motivated to share content, opinions, questions and also leave comments on various discussions that are held.

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The Cannabis Group

This is a huge LinkedIn cannabis group having all kinds of professionals any new canna-entrepreneur would ever want to connect with. Its 17,470 professionals consistently discuss the latest happenings in the cannabis industry. Here, you can read meaningful content and get resources to grow your cannabis business.

There’s every chance that you might connect with potential business partners in this group, as well as get access to ancillary service operators for cannabis businesses. This is one of the most productive groups to join for every cannabis enthusiast.

Cannabis Investors & Entrepreneurs

This group is 33,510 members strong. Cannabis Investors & Entrepreneurs is one of the largest groups for networking among existing and intending cannabis entrepreneurs. Professionals in this group give tips on the best cannabis stocks to invest in, they also exchange advice and services with each other.

Professionals on this group are leading entrepreneurs in the unique cannabis industries in the US; joining this group gives you top access to discover who is on top of the market, as well as the companies to consider in the future.

Cannabis Medical and Recreational Insider

This group has been in existence since January 2014. Over the years it has grown by offering information to those willing to be a part of the legal cannabis industry. With 15,547 members now, there are plenty of opportunities to be found in this group.

The right place to meet with other cannabis enthusiasts and improve your professional network. Members of the group cover topics and other content that revolves around the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Regardless of whatever branch of the cannabis industry you belong to, you’ll find mutual connections in the group.

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Cannabis Funding and Investment

This group is made up of investors and business owners. Opportunities are shared for entrepreneurs trying to enter into the industry.

Here, investors and entrepreneurs get to network together and sometimes become business partners. The group has about 7,227 members. If you are on a search for enthusiastic investors to provide the necessary funding for your cannabis business, then you should join.

Medical Marijuana Professionals

Created in 2010, when medical marijuana was the only available option legally for professionals in the US. With its members bearing 4,000 the group remains dedicated to answering questions related to the medical marijuana industry.

Professionals from different fields in the medical marijuana industry are all welcome to this group. cannabis doctors, medical cannabis growers, or dispensary operators are available in the group to share their experiences, and ideas in the industry.

Cannabis Nurses Network

Here, the main topic for discussion is cannabis; the upsides, downsides, latest developments, and its history. The group is majorly for medical professionals in the cannabis industry. They converse with this group to advocate for the use of medical cannabis and CBD products due to the therapeutic benefits the drugs possess.

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In the Cannabis nurses network, members are disallowed from promoting their goods and services. It is strictly an open group for people willing to learn about the various alternative cannabis medicines.

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

This group is open to dispensary operators, cannabis medical professionals, and growers in the medical cannabis sector. The group is dedicated to advocating for patients’ rights and supports. Occasionally, some discussions focus on clinical research involving the use of medical cannabis in patients.

If you’re a medical cannabis practitioner or an intending, then AAMC is the right networking group for you.

CBD & Cannabis Professional Business Network

This is another enormous group with 26,300 members and still growing. This group focuses on the fast-growing Cannabis industry and CBD industry. The group is filled with entrepreneurs and other professionals in the field looking to meet to rising demand for cannabis and CBD products

The group members are always willing to share insightful guides and resources to help each other grow in the industry.

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