Monday, July 13, 2020


Gossip: Kris Jenner Writing Revenge Memoir About Caitlyn; Ryan Seacrest Mad at Katy Perry’s $25 Million ‘American Idol’ Check

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Kris Jenner writing revenge memoir about Caitlyn; Ryan Seacrest mad at Katy Perry’s $25 million ‘American Idol’ check.

Gossip: Inside Beyoncé’s Silent Birth; Justin Bieber Leaves Nasty Smell At Calvin Klein

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Beyoncé’s silent birth; Justin Bieber leaves nasty smell at Calvin Klein.

Gossip: Val Kilmer Wants In For Top Gun Sequel; Prince Harry Wants To ‘Acclimatize’ Meghan To Royal Life Before Proposing

The latest celeb gossip from our friends over at NG: Val Kilmer wants in for Top Gun sequel; Prince Harry ants to ‘acclimatize’ Meghan to royal life before proposing.

10 Surprising Celebrities Who’ve Come Out—As Cannabis Fans

Unlike a certain former President, these boldfaced names are happy to champion the benefits of inhaling. From the richest man in the world to activists and pop stars, read on to learn about your new favorite cannabis fans! Maya AngelouAs...

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