Sunday, May 22, 2022


Craft Brewer Hopes Hops and Hemp Will Head To High Sales

Sipp Industries and Colorado Craft will release of a hemp-infused beer throughout the Denver area. How will this go you wonder?

The Cannabis Industry Is Using Too Much Energy And It’s A Problem

Indoor growing operations are energy intensive, and responsible for an alarming percentage of the nation’s energy use. What will the marijuana industry do?

New Meme Alert: Roll Safe Is February’s Official Petty Meme

Comedian Kayode Ewumi and best friend Tyrell Williams' “Hood Documentary.” In it Ewumi plays Roll Safe, an aspiring grime rapper.

Beyoncé Is Joining These Celebrity Parents And Having Twins

Beyoncé is pregnant and having twins. See how normal that sentence looks? Well social media is freaking out and so are we.

Netflix Just Invented A Way To Watch Shows With Your Brain Waves

In our modern world, is there any image more shame-inducing than Netflix asking “Are You Still Watching?” Don’t worry because Netflix is working on a device to increase your laziness one step higher.

Would You Drink This Bizarre Egg, Cheese And Coffee Smoothie?

You might grab an egg and cheese on a roll and a coffee on your way into the office, but what if you could blend them all together into one drink?

What You Need to Know About Obtaining Legal Marijuana In Maine

While marijuana is now completely legal throughout the state of Maine, it is going to be another year before you can purchase legal weed.

Sex Bots That Will Really Care About You Are Coming In The Spring

Sex bots aren’t new to this weird, wonderful world. We’ve long wondered whether robotic lovers would bone too hard for humans.

What Happens When Student Scientists’ Experiment With Coffee Goes Very Wrong

How much caffeine could kill you? Two students in the UK nearly found out, when an experiment went very, very wrong.

NBA’s Stephen Jackson Played On Marijuana, Coach Nelson Was Fully Aware

Former NBA star Stephen Jackson, who played 14 seasons with teams like the Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors, just to name a few, recently revealed that he was stoned during a lot of the games.

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