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CBD Oil Is Secret Health Weapon Of These 4 Celebs

Increasingly, the stigma surrounding CBD oil is fading away. People have finally stopped asking the question, “Will this get me high?” and recognizing the immense health benefits it has. In 2018, it has somehow become the go-to health supplement for celebrities to combat stress, anxiety, and more.

These four high-profile celebrities swear by CBD oil.

Jennifer Aniston

When the “Friends” actress was married to Brad Pitt, the couple were branded as stoners. That stigma fell by the wayside when the two split, but Aniston has touted CBD oil as a means to supporting her mental health.

“CBD helps with pain, stress and anxiety,” Aniston told US Weekly. “It has all the benefits of marijuana without the high.”

Michael J. Fox

The Back to the Future actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when he was 29-years-old. Fox’s condition forced him to semi-retire from acting at the turn of the century, though he continues to star in supporting roles and attend media events.

“If there is anything working with CBD oil has shown me, it’s that there is always hope. Even for the hopeless,” said Fox.

Alessandra Ambrosio

You may not think Victoria Secret  models would be  CBD oil supporters, but Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandria Ambrosio swears by it.

“It helps me sleep when I’m anxious,” she revealed.

‘The most important thing to do [to prep for the Victoria’s Secret Show] is to sleep eight hours the night before but it’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil and I think it helps.”

Olivia Wilde

Many are also turning to CBD as a natural health remedy for usual aches and pain accrued over the day. Instead of popping an Advil, celebrities are using CBD lotion or oil to treat their bodies.

“I’ve been using this body lotion that has CBD in it,” Olivia Wilde told the New York Times. “Recently I did a play on Broadway for six months, and my body was wrecked—my neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers.’

[h/t Healthista]


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