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Here’s What Meghan Markle’s High School Teacher Has To Say About Her

Meghan Markle’s high school theology teacher has nothing but fond memories of her former student, claiming that Prince Harry is a very lucky man.

CNN reports that Maria Pollia, a teacher at Immaculate Heart High School, never forgot about Markle, saying that she was a bright student who always asked questions and engaged in class.

I know Meghan. And I know that she is someone who is a very unique individual who has the depth, and the intelligence and the focus, but also the joy to be a wonderful companion for him and for them to be companions to each other in what is probably a very stressful way of life.

Markle has spoken about Pollia in the past, claiming that she was one of her mentors who told her that “life is about putting other’s needs above your own fears.” Markle said that even though her teacher always encouraged her to be safe and to never put herself in a compromising position, she still stressed how important it is to help and to do things for other people.

Pollia is excited about Meghan and Harry’s relationship and the positive impact that they could have on the world together. She says, “I think it’s wonderful to know that she is still that person, and that now with her place in the world she’ll be able to do that even greater scale.”

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