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Here’s Where Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are Shacking Up Night Before Wedding

With the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fast approaching, inquiring minds want to know where the two will be spending their last night as a courting couple. And now, we have an answer. The two will follow royal tradition by sleeping in separate bedrooms Friday night. Romance!

Harry will be spending his last night as a single man at the stunningly gorgeous Coworth Park in Berkshire with his brother (and Best Man) Prince William. Coworth’s Instagram describes it as a “Luxury country house hotel & spa nestled in 240 acres of Berkshire parkland.” Sounds terrible.

The hotel is a quick 15-minute jaunt from Windsor Castle, which is a bit closer than Markle’s luxury accommodations. She and her mom will be staying at the Cliveden House Hotel on the National Trust’s Cliveden Estate in Berkshire — about a 25 minute drive to the wedding chapel. Looks hideous.

According to the National Trust, the estate was gifted to them in 1942 by the American businessmanWilliam Waldorf Astor, whose wife Nancy Astor was the first women MP to take her seat.

It was while they lived here during the first half of the twentieth century that Cliveden became famous for its lavish hospitality and glamorous guests, though the estate had always been a centre of high-society activity. The Astors entertained an unlikely mix of people from Lloyd George and Winston Churchill to George Bernard Shaw, Mahatma Ghandi and Henry Ford.

The National Trust states that he Cliveden Estate has long been associated with “powerful and inspiring females in the public realm, from slavery abolitionist campaigners to Nancy Astor MP.” Perfectly fitting for Ms. Markle, who’s about to become royalty.

Kensington Palace confirms the duo’s pre-wedding accommodations, as well as their honeymoon plans, stating that the couple will no go on their honeymoon immediately after the wedding, as they have royal duties to fulfill.

[h/t Daily Express]


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